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Regularly drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism
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9 tell tale signs of alcoholism and alcohol abuse

Around 20% of Australians don’t drink alcohol at all, of which a little less than half have never consumed alcohol, and a little over half have given up for at least the previous 12 months. That leaves around 80% of Australians who do drink, of which approximately half drink at […]

The complex carbohydrates in bread will suppress alcohol cravings
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6 types of food that reduce alcohol cravings

Anyone who has ever tried to quit alcohol, take a break or decrease the amount they drink will have experienced alcohol cravings. Getting home from work on a Friday evenings after a stressful week, having a nice meal at a restaurant with good friends, or travelling through beautiful wine regions […]

Alcohol and sleep are not a great combination
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Alcohol and sleep? You’re dreaming…

I’ve lost count of the number of times I had a huge night out, collapsed into bed, slept for the next 12 hours then risen feeling more tired than when I hit the hay. Why? I used to think alcohol and sleep were a great combination. Generally after a huge night […]

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What exactly causes a hangover?

Arrrrgh, the dreaded hangover, I hated them. I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys a hangover, but I can’t stand them. It’s one of the top three reasons why I quit drinking alcohol. I used to tolerate them because I had such a good time drinking with my friends, that […]

Alcohol and Emergency Department statistics are frightening
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Alcohol has a staggering impact on Emergency Departments

Another Australia Day has come and gone, and I was staggered to hear that around 15% of all people seeking treatment at Emergency Departments (ED’s) that day was for alcohol-related issues. Just think about that statistic for a moment, of all the possible reasons why people would seek help from […]

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Are there any benefits to taking a month off alcohol?

Come on, admit it. How many times have you made a promise to yourself on New Year’s Eve that you’ll cut back on the amount of alcohol you’ll drink for the following year? How did you go? I’ll bet it wasn’t long before you’d slipped back into your usual habits […]

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The effects of alcohol on Australians and the community

Based on the latest health and data information, the effects of alcohol are cause for alarm. Burden of Disease (BoD) estimates found thousands of Australians are dying every year from alcohol related illness and injury, and harming many, many more people in a variety of ways. But it’s not just […]

Anyone can get liver disease
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The relationship between alcohol and liver disease

The liver is an incredibly important organ with around 500 different functions, yet consistent alcohol use can cause liver disease that is impossible to repair. The real problem is, you won’t generally know you’ve got a real issue with your liver until it’s too late. One of the major reasons […]