Distance Learning—Slow Starter but Fast Runner

Distance Learning—Slow Starter but Fast RunnerTeaching and learning through the distance learning mode has not been conceptualized in the recent time. But as the time has glided by, this off-campus program has certainly got a refined touch. Obviously at the time of introduction, such mode of teaching was an out-of-the-box notion which was not accepted by the majority of people. They were questioning the prospects of correspondence courses and thought if such study program would garner respect at all in the job market. The opinion of the cynics also added fuel to the fiery argument regarding the future of the distance learning program. But such cloud of confusion has ceased away with the passing time. The modern and revised course curriculum to keep pace with the changing demand and attitude of the employers has earned rave reviews from the critics.

As the internet has molded the arena of technology in a never-dreamt-of way, the educational sector has been unwilling not to be showered with its many an advantage. Distance leaning mode has slid up to a new height on strength of the online education system. The e-learning facility with the help of precise instructional designs has brought a ground-breaking change in the educational world.

The online program of teaching is the result of an innovative idea that has lent a depth to the non-conventional mode of study. Students who had to attend the doubt-clearing sessions conducted by the institutes offering the distance learning programs can now interact directly with the faculties by way of internet. From this perspective, it has an interactive facet even in the absence of any face-to-face communication between the mentors and pupils. Distance learning approach to imparting education has achieved approbation but it has to travel a long way to be at par with the regular mode of education.