Duties of an HR MBA

Duties of an HR MBAThe role of an HR (human resource) in accompany is growing day by day due to the expandable business and economy. If an individual is interested to pursue his or her career in human resources then HR MBA is the best option. HR MBA programs prepare the students to learn the various techniques or programs of HR MBA so that they can perform their role of being an HR of a concern with full dedication and responsibility.

The functions of an HR in a company are many but to mention few I would like to state recruiting or hiring employees, training for developing skill of the fresher staff members, enhancing their relation with the other staff members and managing the benefits of the employees. The main job of an HR is said to hire and fire individuals of a concern where he or she is working.

HR of a concern is not only a guide for the new recruited employees but also manages the old employees and their work. HR of a company also decides the pay roll of the employees and his or her compensations and benefits too. HR MBA students are given the first preference over the other human recourse management students. An HR MBA student is specialized in the human resource department and is well skilled with pros and cons of the various HR MBA programs. In other words an HR of a company is the personal administrator for the employees whose main job is to look after the welfare of the workers.